Tropicana Cabaret, Havana, Cuba

The Tropicana Cabaret, dating back from 1939, still runs nightly shows full of music, dancing, and colour. A bit dated, but a classic nonetheless.

We offer a wide range of excursions that can be pre-booked before travel allowing you to plan your holiday without the hassle of arranging your itinerary after arrival. With bureaucracy, paperwork and difficulties with communication in Cuba this can be time consuming during your holiday. If you have any specific interests during your stay, please let us know. The more diverse the interest, the more we like the challenge! Don’t forget to ask us to pre-book restaurants for you too (see dietary requirements and food)!

With private enterprise growing in Cuba, take care when booking locally as you may unwittingly book unlicensed, or poor quality excursions. We can pre-book from the UK our own bespoke tours especially for our clients, and these are not available to purchase locally in Cuba.

Many of our excursions and private tours have been created especially for our clients. You may find some similar tours on offer in Cuba on a shared group basis (i.e. not private) at a lower price. These tours often operate with large numbers of tourists in the group, with multiple nationalities, and are subject to minimum numbers to operate which can result is last minute cancellations.

Buena Vista and Tropicana show tickets can be cheaper locally for last minute sales, however there is a high demand and frequent availability issues for these shows, so we do recommend pre-booking before travel.