Travellers often expect when abroad, that internet access, Wi-Fi and roaming is readily available at little cost, however in Cuba the situation is very different! Internet access and Wi-Fi are still very tightly controlled by the state and whilst it is possible to obtain access to the internet in most hotel lobbies, public areas and some hotel rooms, there is a cost to this access which is usually approximately 2 CUC (approx. £1.50 an hour). Access is prone to very slow speeds (downloads take a long time), intermittent connection and often a frustrating experience. As a general rule connectivity is a little easier very early in the morning or very late at night, however we suggest that you consider the access for a quick catch up on important emails, rather than browsing websites and social media.

We strongly recommend you switch off roaming and data on your mobile phone, for the length of your stay in Cuba, to avoid apps connecting to the internet on the background. You may otherwise be  unpleasantly surprised with a hefty bill once back home!

The internet cards that you can purchase for use in hotel lobbies can also be used in a small but growing number of public places where the Government have established Wi-Fi connectivity. These are areas designated more for local people however it’s not uncommon to see tourists here. These areas are monitored by local police or security staff.