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Fishing in Cuba. Holidays with Captivating Cuba™

Fishing Holidays

Fishing in Cuba is well known as a big attraction that brings in tourists from all over the world to sample the delights of its warm, tropical waters. Cuban deep sea fishing is particularly popular, and boats can be hired at various locations around the island.

Sea Fishing in Sol Cayo Guillermo is particularly popular and the North West Coast was a fond Cuba fishing location of Ernest Hemingway. The region has hosted the Ernest Hemingway since the 1950s. Fishing in Cayo Coco is another favourite locale, and the lakes nearby offer a fresh water alternative to Cuban deep sea fishing.

Elsewhere in Cuba, fishing on the beaches is an option as, unlike some other countries, fishing in Cuba is legal across the island.

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Fishing as a Day Experience

Not interested in a fishing holiday per se, but still wishing to chase after the mythical barracuda in a fishing expedition?

Add a Fishing Experience to any holiday booked with us. Let us know about your interest and we can organise in advance a fishing excursion.

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Fishing in Cuba. Holidays with Captivating Cuba™

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We can help you create something really unique. Our fantastic team in Cuba is there to ensure everything goes as planned

Salsa Holidays with Captivating Cuba™

Create with us a Tailor-Made Fishing Experience

We can organise, Full-time fishing itineraries or day trips, deep sea fishing or fly fishing expeditions. Whatever your preferences, speak to a Captivating Cuba specialist for advise.

Call us today on 01438 419111, and ask for a tailored fishing experience.

Salsa Holidays with Captivating Cuba™

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With nearly twenty years of experience organising tailor made Cub experiences,  Captivating Cuba has more experience and expertise than most competitors combined. And our teams across Cuba complement beautifully the service you receive in London, looking after you whilst exploring this fascinating Caribbean island.