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Swimming with Dolphins. Cuba

Swimming with Dolphins


Ever dreamed of swimming with dolphins? Cuba offers the perfect setting for the experience, and at Captivating Cuba we can design a holiday for you where dolphins are the main focus.

Swimming with dolphins in Cuba is often described as a life changing experience. You will feel completely free and at one with nature as you swim majestically along side these incredible creatures. At Captivating Cuba, we believe dolphin swimming in Cuba is the kind of experience that holiday makers should make a central part of their visit, and for those who decide to try, the resorts of Varadero and Holguin are ideal. We can arrange special trips out to sea to allow you to get up close and personal with the beautiful mammals, providing you stories to tell for years to come!

Actually swimming with the dolphins in Cuba is optional, and for those that prefer to keep their distance, a number of shows starring the intelligent mammals are available throughout the island. It is an unusual activity that can surprise and intrigue people – holidays in Cuba spent swimming with dolphins are sure to be part of your anecdotes for years to come.

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Dolphin interaction in Varadero Beach

You can pre-book with Captivating Cuba your interaction with these beautiful mammals combined with a stay in Varadero Beach.
To learn more about swimming with dolphins in Cuba, or to arrange a tailor made holiday spent alongside the mammals, please call our experts on 01438 419111.
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We can help you create something really unique. Our fantastic team in Cuba is there to ensure everything goes as planned

Salsa Holidays with Captivating Cuba™

Pre-Book your Dolphin Interaction

A fantastic day cruising the clear blue waters off the coast of Varadero. Snorkel in the clear waters and have the chance to meet the dolphins in their sea water ocean pontoon, for many the highlight of a holiday in the Caribbean!

Salsa Holidays with Captivating Cuba™

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With nearly twenty years of experience organising tailor made Cub experiences,  Captivating Cuba has more experience and expertise than most competitors combined. And our teams across Cuba complement beautifully the service you receive in London, looking after you whilst exploring this fascinating Caribbean island.