Captivating Cuba is able to provide its clients with Cuba Tourist Cards (Visas). Here’s how Tourist Cards should be filled out correctly, and what to do if your holiday in Cuba is imminent and you still haven’t got a Visa

Cuba Tourist Card (Visa) Example

When you organise your holiday to Cuba with us, we are able to provide you with everything you’ll need for a hassle-free journey, including Cuba Tourist Cards.

Once you are happy with your tailor-made itinerary and all services have been confirmed by our offices in Havana, we will send you by post your Cuba Tourist Cards.

Please ensure that you complete your visa(s) immediately, as you will need to purchase a new one should you make a mistake, as no errors are permitted by Cuban authorities.

You should complete your tourist card in BLOCK CAPITALS with blue or black ink. Ensure that you keep your visa safely with your passport during your holiday, ready to submit to airport authorities when you depart Cuba.

A Cuban tourist visa/tourist card is required for all tourists and is valid for 30 days after arrival. One visa is required per passenger (including children and infants) for each entry and each exit. If you are travelling out of Cuba and returning, or are joining a cruise, please ensure you travel with the appropriate number of visas for each passenger (and communicate to us how many you require if we are not aware of all your travel arrangements).

Errors on Cuba Tourist Cards if you are Travelling Imminently

If you are travelling to Cuba imminently, have completed your tourist visa late, and have made a mistake filling out your Cuban tourist visa you will need to purchase a new one. If you are in the south of England, and there is time, you can visit our offices in Hertfordshire during our opening hours, or you can arrange a courier to collect one from us. We will try and accommodate you as much as possible.

If you are flying from London Gatwick, we recommend contacting Virgin Atlantic at Gatwick Airport who usually have an emergency supply of visas. If you are travelling from another airport, do contact your airline and the airport to see if they have an emergency supply. If you are travelling to Cuba on an indirect flight (i.e. via Amsterdam or Madrid) and your departure airport does not have any visas, check to see if your airline’s hub can provide one for you.